generate mental stimulation ormental images what do I mean withthis if you are capable as we saida second with the theme of the smell of breadnot when we were kids that the onedow the smell of bread was different smelledmore not if you can generate someonenot give someone a lived image aimage that they may feel they cansmell what has to do with thesenses if you read and are able to createa mental image in a client in aprospect in the people who listenjust see your message that mindhuman being receives that message and is capable ofbuild your own path to adestiny if you teach that personhow to build a mental image howmentally stimulate that person ifis stimulated if it is able to rebuildin your mind that image will be able tocreate a pathasia probably get thatreward to return to now that you haveMade to remember the smell of bread if nowoffers you is the bread that smells likethe one of the grandmother surely that personit says oh it’s okay I’m going to go theway I need to have that smellagain in this case buy yourproduct or service according thenalways remember that the human mind isvery good generating mental imagesthen we simply havethat propose those images trycreate that people live those images inyour mind and that’s going to make thatperson automatically feels theneed to create a path forreach a destination the destination can bethe purchase of your product or service thatit’s also interesting howthe human mind works and that wewe can take third point thehuman motivation is not logical is notrational the human mind is a mixtureof a lot of things but it’s notrational is not logical when peoplehe says is that I am very rational I amvery logical yes but you are a mixture ofthings you’re not just rational what youwill do something that motivates you toDoing something does not have to be the samethat motivates other people but andThis concept that I am going to give you isvery important because they repeat aheap of business books is that themotivation of people alwaysactivate more if we are in danger of losingsomething that if we have to work forget something the fear of losing something ismuch stronger than the desire toget something then always thethreats are going to be more important fora person that opportunities haveor also in account for that when youyou offer a product is another one nailed toworld of the company when you offer aproduct and you give a guarantee ofreturn for example that’s veryimportant because because you areeliminating the threat of that personwhich can be the threat and if I buythat product and it does not work and ifI buy and I do not like it when you saythat you can return the product withoutno problemthen you are eliminating thatperson that conflictfear of threatening something that does not workthe fear in this case maybe to throwthe moneyso it is very important that thehuman motivation understand thatthey work much more works of the twoaspects that is the two work the themethat you give an opportunity tosomeone to be better to progress fromgrow that evidently acts as agreat motivator but it’s much moremotivator a threat the fear of losingsomething is much stronger in a personand it can motivate you not to do things forso again and as stated in theexample if you have a company andyou want to eliminate fears that you canhave someone when it comes to buying yourproduct your service then you have toact you have to offer something thatmitigate that fear we have always saidand we will always say it isvery important therefore that you speakalways with your clients that you talk toyour prospects that you understand that thesurveys than the interviews thateven a prize for being leftto interviewvery important because then you will startto know them better and maybe you’re going togive an account look I did not know you’repeople were afraid that the deviceit would not work for them, let’s dosomething so that fear is no longerfounded and we will remove that fearthat objection if you want it in somesales that you can call objection butthat has to do with naturehuman then when peoplethey are afraid we are going to act in a waythat we try to take away that fear anothervery very important point to the making ofdecisions making decisions alwaysthat you think of a client he alwaysthink of one in a market we are going tocall it that whenever you think of apublic you have a product and you wantreach a market to a public if you goto make decisions that have to dowith how are you going to communicate with thatPeople always always personalizecustomize the results of yourdecisions and your actions always

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