GatoTV una app excelente entretenimiento y Deportv una app de puros canales de deportes Contamos con más de 350 canales todos los van a poder ver totalmente gratis, no dejes de compartirla y ayudar en la publicidad para que este proyecto nunca muera.


The Android ad blocker and I.

Hi! My name is Sava Georgiev and I’m a developer and security researcher living in Munich, Germany.

By 2015 – ads, viruses, malware, key loggers, tracking cookies, spam, phishing and porn make more than 80% of the content on the Internet. Web pages are loading slower than they used to 5 years ago and it is really starting to feel like the good content on the web is getting buried deeper and deeper with one purpose only – making money off of us by selling our personal data, hacking our credit cards and pestering us with ads everywhere to the point where the only thing you see now is advertisements. I started the development of «Block This» in June 2015 as I was hoping to reduce all the junk we have to deal with on the Internet – at least on our mobile phones as a start.


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